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PROFILE ENHANCE drives cannabinoid potency due to its high rate of stress-fighting compounds that allow plants to redirect precious energy towards achieving their full genetic potential. The sea kelp in Profile Enhance delivers key hormones, vitamins, and minerals to promote massive yields through any stage of plant development. Profile Enhance has our proprietary Nutrient Delivery System (NDS), which maximizes the distribution of water and nutrients in the root zone, allowing your plants 360-degree access to what they need! CAPRA will improve plant health and resistance to stress while driving big yields and producing a true boutique flower. Try Profile Enhance in your garden today!

What visuals will you see from PROFILE ENHANCE™?

Stem Strength - Profile Enhance builds strong, sturdy stems, capable of supporting massive flower production. Better stem color will be seen as the ingredients in Profile Enhance help transport nutrients where plants need them most.

Root Growth- Notice better root density and color as Profile Enhance facilitates the transport of key carbohydrates and sugars while delivering essential energy conservation tools.

Bud Formation - Profile Enhance improves gas exchange and internal temperatures within the plant. By allowing plants to operate at their highest level, Profile Enhance optimizes plant operations for big buds and yields.

The science of PROFILE ENHANCE™

Profile Enhance contains a highly bioactive form of potassium that improves carbohydrate, sugar, and nutrient transport. Additionally, the ingredients in Profile Enhance work to improve gas exchange on the leaf surface, which creates a balance that allows the proper amount of carbon dioxide in for photosynthesis while conserving internal water levels in the plant. Additionally, when a plant is under attack by pathogens or insects, Profile Enhance’s potassium spreads the word to thicken cell walls and initiate defensive tactics for better overall plant health and performance.


Profile Enhance has a Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (NPK) ratio of 0-3-6, containing 0.0% Nitrogen (N), 3.0% Phosphorous (P2O5), and 6.0% Soluble Potassium (K2O).

What is PROFILE ENHANCE™ made from?

1. Di-potassium phosphate - soluble solid compound
2. Potassium citrate - soluble salt compound
3. Natural plant extracts - these are naturally occurring compounds extracted from plants

How do you use PROFILE ENHANCE™?

Profile Enhance is used lightly in the vegetative plant cycle feeding four milliliters per gallon (4ml/gal) in weeks one through four. Moderately used during the flower cycle, measuring eight milliliters per gallon (8ml/gal) in weeks five through seven and week 12. Heavily used during weeks eight through eleven, feeding ten milliliters per gallon (10ml/gal).

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