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Gro Support supplies plants with essential nutrients needed for photosynthesis and other micro yet critical plant functions. This comprehensive micronutrient collection ensures your plants have full access to a variety of nutrients that play an important role in energy production and the proper development of plant structures. Gro Support also contains our proprietary silica formulation. With its stabilized pH, this silica can be mixed with nutrients and is exceptionally bioactive once it interacts with water. Gro Support contains our proprietary Nutrient Delivery System (NDS), which maximizes the distribution of water and nutrients in the root zone, allowing your plants 360-degree access to what they need!

What visuals will you see from GRO SUPPORT™?

Leaves - Notice an increase in the deep, healthy color of leaves with increased chlorophyll production, allowing better light capture and more photosynthesis - which means more energy!

Stem Structure - Stem structures will increase in diameter, become more sturdy, and facilitate increased nutrient transportation from the roots to the leaves.

Roots - More photosynthesis means better carbohydrate production. A plant’s root system is an elaborate carbohydrate storage facility. Gro Support plays an important role in contributing to superior rooting and energy production.

The science of GRO SUPPORT™

A lot goes on behind the scenes for photosynthesis to take place. Gro Support supplies all of the key micronutrients for macro performance.

Chlorophyll is the structure inside plants that gives them their green color. Chlorophyll absorbs red and blue light while reflecting green light. A chlorophyll molecule is constructed of one magnesium molecule surrounded by four nitrogen molecules. The electricity to hold this structure together is supplied by iron. Molybdenum is responsible for making nitrogen available and needs to be in the correct ratio to manganese to be utilized by plants.

Our proprietary silica plays a key role in plant health by fortifying the entry points used by pathogens and insects for entry into plants. Our silica works by filling the space between plant cells, making it much more difficult for infection and entry. This process also gives plant structures, leaves, and stems superior strength.

What is in GRO SUPPORT™

Gro Support has an Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium (NPK) ratio of 0-0-1, containing 0.0% Nitrogen (N), 0.0% Phosphorous (P2O5), and 1.0% Soluble Potassium (K2O). It also contains, 0.10% Iron (Fe), 0.17% Manganese (Mn), 0.05% Copper (Cu), 0.10% Calcium (Ca), 0.05% Magnesium (Mg) , 0.04% Zinc (Zn), 0.02% Boron (B) and 1.0% silica.

What is GRO SUPPORT™ made from?

1. Potassium acetate - an organic salt-based compound
2. Ferrous sulfate - a natural salt-based compound
3. Manganese sulfate - a compound
4. Copper sulfate - a compound additive
5. Calcium acetate - a salt-based mineral
6. Magnesium acetate - a salt-based mineral
7. Zinc sulfate - mineral
8. Boric acid - mineral
9. Formulated silica dioxide - silica source that increases in bioavailability once hydrolyzed.
10. Carboxylic acid - organic acid
11. Natural plant extracts - naturally occurring compounds extracted from plants (phytochemicals)

How do you use GRO SUPPORT™?

Gro Support is used heavily in the vegetative plant cycle, feeding nine to twelve milliliters per gallon in weeks one through four, and moderately used during the flower cycle, measuring three milliliters per gallon (3ml/gal) in weeks five through eleven.

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