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Gro Green is formulated to maximize vegetative growth for big daily gains. The triple blend of nitrogen powers exceptional growth while the kelp delivers vitamins, minerals, and a heavy dose of cytokinin; a plant hormone associated with vegetative growth. Gro Green has our proprietary Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) that maximizes the distribution of water and nutrients in the root zone; allowing your plants 360-degree access to what they need. Try Gro Green in your garden today!

What visuals will you see from GRO GREEN™?

Leaf Development - Vibrant color and increased leaf size! Not only will you begin to see an increase in the number of leaves, but you will also see the area of the leaf increase allowing for the plant to absorb more sunlight and create more energy.

Stem Structure - Begin to see the stem structure increase in diameter, becoming more sturdy which allows increased nutrient transportation from the roots to the leaves.

Root Growth - The number and size of roots begin to expand to fill the medium in which it’s growing.

The science of GRO GREEN™

Gro Green’s three different nitrogen sources ensure your plants have a steady supply of this key plant nutrient while minimizing loss to nitrogen leaching. The nitrate in Gro Green will immediately be absorbed and put to use growing new vegetation, while the urea and ammoniacal nitrogen will act as reserves until converted into nitrate.

Nitrogen is a massive factor in plant growth as it has a role in chlorophyll production (think photosynthesis), amino acid formation, and protein production. Increased protein allows plants to grow and develop while also providing the tools to fight stress and attack. The specialty sea kelp in Gro Green contains a plant hormone called cytokinin that drives incredible vegetative growth within the plant. This combination of nitrogen and kelp is exactly what you need to set the stage for extraordinary flower production later in the grow cycle.

What is in GRO GREEN™

Gro Green has an Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium (NPK) ratio of 6-1-1, containing 6.0% Nitrogen (N), 1.0% Phosphorous (P2O5), and 1.0% Soluble Potassium (K2O).

What is GRO GREEN™ made from?

1. Urea - a naturally mined earth mineral
2. Ammoniacal nitrogen- a naturally mined earth mineral
3. Nitrate nitrogen- a naturally mined earth mineral
4. Di-potassium Phosphate - a compound with GRAS designation in the United States
5. Natural plant extracts - naturally occurring compounds extracted from plants (phytochemicals)
6. Sea Kelp - a plant grown on the floor of a body of water

How do you use GRO GREEN™?

Gro Green is used heavily in the vegetative plant cycle, feeding nine to twelve milliliters per gallon (12ml/gal) in weeks one through four, and moderately used during the flower cycle, measuring three milliliters per gallon (3ml/gal) in weeks five through twelve.

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