Nutrient Delivery System (NDS)

Nutrient Availability

Often growers assume nutrients applied to their plants will automatically be absorbed. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Not all nutrients are created equal, which is why it’s important to understand your growing medium and choose the best fertilizer solution for your grow. 

Several key factors can negatively impact nutrient availability in the root zone. For this reason, the iBEX technology team developed NDS or Nutrient Delivery System. This iBEX-only technology significantly increases plants chances to successfully absorb the nutrients applied. NDS improves nutrient compatibility to promote a “cleaner” nutrient solution that interacts with the growing medium to provide maximum nutrient access to plant roots.


Reducing Nutrient Tie Up

In the reservoir, our Nutrient Delivery System safeguards nutrients from “tie up”. Nutrient tie-up occurs when positively charged nutrients interact with negatively charged nutrients. Like magnets, certain nutrients have a tendency to bond together, significantly reducing their availability for plant absorption and potentially clogging emitter lines. The iBEX NDS helps avoid reservoir tie-up by creating a charge-free coating on individual nutrients. The result is a big improvement in compatibility and enhanced plant bioavailability. 

In the root zone of non-hydroponic plants, NDS works to create a type of “web” to hold nutrients in place for better root access. NDS conditions reservoir water for more even distribution throughout the root zone, meaning less dry pockets in your growing medium and 360-degree plant access to nutrients.



The iBEX Nutrient Delivery System helps growers do everything possible to ensure valuable nutrients applied are actually absorbed by plants in a form they can use to thrive. When mixing iBEX products, keep an eye out for bubbles forming at the water surface - this indicates the NDS has activated. Environmentally safe and engineered for maximum nutrient bioavailability, NDS helps you get the most out of your grow!

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