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Catapult is a high-quality, bioavailable nutrient solution designed to take your garden to the next level whether your a first time grower or a seasoned professional. This proprietary formulation process delivers a low-salt, highly efficient potassium source backed by a rich carbon load, unique sugar combination and concentrated organic acids. This powerful blend will help your plants express full cannabinoid, terpenoid and flavonoid production. 

CAPRA Technology

Catapult contains iBex Nutrition’s proprietary CAPRA Technology, which improves plant health and resists stress under all growing conditions. The macrodose of naturally-derived CAPRA in Catapult facilitates bigger yields and true boutique flower. 

Catapult also contains the iBEX Nutrient Delivery System (NDS), which maximizes the distribution of water and nutrients in the root zone, helping the plant develop more consistent root mass, allowing better access to what the plant needs – they drink, they don’t eat! 

While the full benefits of Catapult are unlocked with the complete iBEX program, this 2 fluid ounce sample is a great introduction to the uniqueness of the iBEX Nutrition product portfolio. Catapult can be added to any grow program at a rate of 4 ml/gl (1 ml/L). Kid Catapult, named for its smaller package size, holds enough nutrients for 15 feedings at the recommended rate. 

Why is it called Kid Catapult? Because baby goats are called Kids! Grow connoisseur-grade cannabis with Catapult.

What visuals will you see from KID CATAPULT™?

Leaves - Better gas exchange for improved photosynthesis with increased nutrient mobility for better color.

Bud - Larger and tighter bud formation.

Roots - Increase in the number of fibrous feeder roots with better overall root density, mass, and access to nutrients.

The science of KID CATAPULT™

The combination of carbon and key sugars help to energize the root zone by providing a substantial food source for beneficial microorganisms. The optimized organic acids help increase the availability of nutrients to your plants while safeguarding them against the negative impact of sodium. The large dose of CAPRA allows your plants to realize their full genetic potential by delivering tools to fight stress!

What is in KID CATAPULT™

Catapult has a Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium (NPK) ratio of 0-0-7, containing 0.0% Nitrogen (N), 0.0% Phosphorous (P2O5), and 7.0% Soluble Potassium (K2O). Plus, it has a proprietary sugar blend, optimized organic acids, and CAPRA.

What is KID CATAPULT™ made from?

1. Potassium Humate - a crafted blend of potassium and carbon
2. Potassium Acetate - a low salt, high-efficiency potassium source

How do you use KID CATAPULT™?

Catapult should be used with every feeding and flushing event at a rate of four milliliters per gallon (4 ml/gal).

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