Full Cycle Box

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The Full Cycle Box: designed for the home grower!

It contains all the nutrients you need to grow in germination, seedling, vegetation, and flower.

The Full Cycle Box contains a Seed, Vegetation, and Flower Box.

The Full Cycle Box has all of the iBEX Nutrition products below:

Gro Seed – (1x) 8 oz bottle
Gro Green – (2x) 8 oz bottles
Gro Support – (2x) 8 oz bottles
Gro Flower – (1x) 8 oz bottle
Profile Enhance – (2x) 8 oz bottles
Catapult – (2x) 8 oz bottles

When you purchase the Full Cycle Box, you save $10 instead of buying the Seed Box ($19.99), Vegetation Box ($39.99), and Flower Box ($49.99) individually.

You're a top-shelf grower with the Full Cycle Box. Purchase yours today!