Deep Water Culture (DWC) & iBEX Nutrition

Can I use iBEX in DWC?

Yes. You can use all iBEX Products in DWC, except we recommend removing Catapult from the program. Why? Catapult has bioactive ingredients that do not mix well with the beneficial bacteria produced by DWC.


Why are their bubbles/foam forming in DWC?

When iBEX is mixed in water, the Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) is activated, forming bubbles or foam. The NDS is designed to disperse water and nutrients more evenly in soil and coco-based mediums in the root zone - allowing more absorption from the roots. Seeing bubbles or foam is a sign that the nutrients are working perfectly.


The bubbles/foam is overflowing, how do I reduce it?

We recommend two solutions if the bubbles/foam are coming out of your pot.

  1. Turn down your aerator to its lowest level to reduce the amount of circulation. This will significantly reduce the volume at which bubbles/foam form.
  2. Add a teaspoon of defoamer to your pot after every feeding of iBEX. This will greatly reduce the bubbles/foam.


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