What is CAPRA?

Cannabis Under Stress

The life of a cannabis plant can be tough sometimes. Too much light intensity, humidity too low or high, soil too wet or dry, too many nutrients, or not enough. The iBEX Nutrition CAPRA technology was specifically engineered to give cannabis plants balance and “more time to react” to stress. When a cannabis plant begins to suffer from a stressor, it must manufacture specific chemistries to either defend itself from this stress or repair itself from the negative impact. The biggest plant challenge is found in this manufacturing process. Building valuable plant chemistries takes a tremendous amount of energy, and oftentimes a cannabis plant under stress has a compromised photosynthetic system. So that means energy is at an all-time premium. CAPRA helps safeguard the cannabis plant’s photosynthetic system while delivering valuable plant biochemistry for defense and repair.



CAPRA begins in the tropical rainforest of South America and in other harsh environmental climates like Sub-Saharan Africa. Deep in these intense ecosystems are plants called extremophiles. An extremophile is a plant that has evolved to not only survive in a harsh environment but thrive in that challenging location. The research team at iBEX Nutrition has been able to identify these extremophilic plant species and isolate and extract the valuable chemistries these plants use for survival. Extremophiles use the exact same biochemistries a cannabis plant would use under stress however they have evolved to produce a much higher concentration of these chemistries. 


How Extremophiles are Chosen for CAPRA

To be a CAPRA plant candidate, an extremophile must be a perennial, sustainable source, and thrived in its geography for over two decades. Once an extremophile is identified and validated as a candidate for CAPRA, the iBEX Nutrition team works with local farmers and villagers to extract the valuable extremophile plant biochemistries and get them back to the lab for final formulation. 


How it Works

CAPRA is strategically incorporated into each iBEX Nutrition product with proper dosage regulated by our official iBEX Nutrition feeding chart. Once absorbed into plant tissues, the plant biochemistries in CAPRA work to activate plant defense systems and repair any tissue damage. The best part about how CAPRA works is that it allows cannabis plants to conserve massive amounts of energy by not having to create these plant biochemistries on their own. For example, in the photosynthetic process, there are a collection of key enzymes that help kick off energy production and keep things operating smoothly. Unfortunately, these enzymes are temperature sensitive. In certain conditions, they will degrade, and plant energy production will suffer. In other situations, say insect attack, the plant must react and deploy chemistries that taste bitter as a means of defense. Or perhaps the plant will thicken cell walls to make it tougher for a predator to penetrate sensitive tissue. In both of these examples CAPRA is delivering biochemistry that protects plant enzymes and other chemistries while facilitating the internal communication for operations like cell repair and the thickening of walls and barriers.


The Result

Applications of CAPRA result in a cannabis plant that is better equipped to defend itself against a variety of stresses and more capable of wound repair. By providing cannabis plants with these valuable chemistries, CAPRA allows plants to not only use their precious energy for yield and potency production but also protects critical plant systems that produce energy; like photosynthesis!

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